Sunday, 26 January 2020

SJJA Check In

SJJA Check In

Igor Almeida Charles Negromonte Nathan Waters SJJA Jiu Jitsu Total Health Performance Strength Nutrition Igor Almeida Charles Negromonte Nathan Waters SJJA Jiu Jitsu Total Health Performance Strength Nutrition
Igor Almeida, Nathan Waters, Charles Negromonte, SJJA 25/1/20
Gem and myself had a great day on Saturday catching up with the SJJA boys and meeting Charles Negromonte for the first time.

We got to sit down with the boys and make some plans for 2020 in regards to their nutrition and strength training.

For Igor, we will be focusing on adding some muscle mass and working on increasing his strength in the gym. As many of you know he has had some big injuries in the past few years, so we will be addressing those and trying to make him as healthy as possible for when he returns to competition.

As for Charles, he has some important competitions coming up over the next few weeks, and in April will be competing in Abu Dhabi for the worlds. This week, Charles will be competing in Melbourne at the UAEJJF National Pro, so we won't be making any changes until next week where we will begin preparations for the worlds.

He already has a solid foundation so we will be making some changes to his nutrition and we will start general preparation in the gym.
Charles recently won the Abu Dhabi Grand Slam Event so we don't have to come in and make extreme changes to his preparation. We will layer in certain things so that it doesn't disrupt Charles' preparation and he can have confidence leading into the important competitions.
If you look at Charles' achievements and ranking, you will see that he is already world class. The important thing from our point of view is to work in with Charles and not just throw a whole heap of craziness into his world. Too many times I see coaches go too extreme with athletes to try and prove they know what they are doing or something like that. I would much rather take it slowly and make sure Charles feels comfortable with his training, is recovering well, and feels motivated to train, than to try and implement a perfect plan that may disrupt his performance in a negative way.

This is a very similar approach we took with Professor Bruno when we first started working together. He was already very successful so its not like he didn't already know what he was doing. We just helped identify a few areas he could work on to further improve his performance and worked with him on how to implement it in his current plan. The biggest thing I was concerned about was not coming in, changing all these things, and ruining his career. The boys put their lives into this, they only get one shot at it. Over the years though we got to a point where everything we wanted to implement, was, and the progress continued with each new preparation. We were fortunate enough to be apart of many world titles that Bruno won over recent years.

It will be a big year for the SJJA team so I will keep you updated with their progress.

Saturday, 18 January 2020

Rugby League - Extras

Rugby League - Extras

For the next month, the priority is conditioning. So, if you don’t have time to lift, miss that, and do the conditioning.

Where it says Cond.20, you will be doing 20 minutes of conditioning, and where it says Cond.40, you will do 40 minutes.

You pick your workouts from the list below and send your times through to the coaching staff after each workout. You have to rotate your workouts, can’t do the same one every single day. When doing conditioning for 40 minutes, you will pick two workouts from the list and perform them back to back.

For example, if you are 6:45 or above, you will do conditioning Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. If you have time, you do your weights in ADDITION to the conditioning, NOT INSTEAD of.

Sessions to Select From

Option 1 - 10 x 1 minute max effort with 30 seconds recovery. Goal is 300m or over each row.

Option 2 - 25 x 150m row, rest 30 seconds. Target 150m <30 seconds.

Option 3 - 6 x 500m row, rest 90 seconds. Target 500m <1.40


Option 1 - 6 x 40m max sprints with 10 sec recovery. Rest 90 seconds and repeat for 6 sets total.

Option 2 – 20m, 40m, 60m shuttle (like test). Do 1 shuttle in under 1 minute. 30 seconds rest and then repeat. 12 in total

Option 3 - Max sprint for 40 seconds, slow jog for 90 seconds x 8 sprints.

When running, run outside, not on a treadmill.

Body weight:

Option 1 – 20 burpees on the minute, every minute. You do 20 burpees, as soon as clock ticks to 1 minute, you do another 20 burpees, when it clicks over to 2 mins, you start another set of 20 burpees. You do this for 20 minutes.

Saturday, 11 January 2020

Why Do You Add Chains to the Bar?

Why Do You Add Chains to the Bar?

Adding chains to barbell Elite FTS THP Total Health Performance NarellanAdding chains to barbell Elite FTS THP Total Health Performance Narellan
The purpose of adding chains to the bar is to overload the strongest portion of a lift. We are generally limited by the load we can lift out of the bottom position, so the top half of the movement doesn’t get worked as hard as it could.
By adding chains, you can overload both parts of the lift more effectively. The chains start to pile up on the floor on the way down, which lightens the load, then on the way up, as they unravel, the load increases throughout the range of motion. This makes you have to accelerate through the entire range of motion and makes the top portion heavier than the bottom.
So, if you had 20kg of chain weight on each side of the bar, that would mean the load is 40kg heavier in the top than it is in the bottom position.
Louie Simmons recommends to use about 10% of one’s squat weight to be added with chain.
The chains also move around a bit, so they challenge your trunk muscles when squatting and your shoulder when pressing. When you use a regular weight after using chains, you feel a lot more in control of your lift and can keep the bar path a lot more efficient, you are a lot more stable.
You want to use chains in extensor movements, squats, presses, and deadlifts for example.
Also, it is important to set the chains up correctly. They should be set up so that one or two links are touching the floor at the top, and as the load is lowered, the chain weight should be completely on the ground. This is what people mess up a lot. One, because they lack the know-how, and two, because they are lazy. When you set the chains up correctly, write down, or mark, how many links you have on each lift so you don’t have to play around adjusting them every single session. This is why it is near impossible to use chains when training in a team environment. With different size athletes, some will be set up effectively, and others will be nowhere near. You could try and group the athletes into height to get around it, but just know that it takes a lot of planning.
So, chains will help you stabilize and they will help you accelerate the bar throughout the entire range of motion. Just make sure you take the time to set them up correctly to get the maximum benefits.

Wednesday, 1 January 2020

THP 2019 Highlights

THP 2019 Highlights

Another year has passed by and we have had some really good results once again. This time of year, makes us think how grateful we are to have the people we have in our life, and it is always a good time to reflect on what was and what is yet to come.

Thank you to everyone for putting in massive efforts all year and getting the results you deserve.

Below are some of the highlights in regards to sporting achievements but we also had many clients achieve great results with fat loss, increases in strength and muscle mass, and general health improvements.
  • Moses Vuki – Canterbury Bulldogs S.G. Ball
  • Bryce Crane – Western Suburbs Magpies S.G. Ball
  • Trist Ball – Western Suburbs Magpies Harold Matthews
  • Riley Williams - Western Suburbs Magpies Harold Matthews
  • Jet Boland - Western Suburbs Magpies Harold Matthews
  • Emmanuel Kandidakis – GSR
  • Lochlann Davies – GSR
  • Tobin Eade – Western Suburbs Magpies Harold Matthews
  • Opened our gym
  • Trist Ball named vice captain of Western Suburbs Harold Matthews team
  • Trist Ball – NSW under 16’s team
  • Igor Almeida – Bronze at IBJJF Jiu-Jitsu Worlds
  • Cam Lawrence and Jay Kirk – won schoolboys rugby league comp with St. Gregs
  • Ryan Evans – won schoolboys second grade comp with St. Gregs
  • Trist Ball, Tobin Eade, Riley Williams, Jay Kirk, Cam Lawrence, Bryce Crane – all made Wests Tigers Cubs program
  • Simon Chandra – Gold at NSW Jiu-Jitsu State Titles
  • Nathan Waters – Gold at NSW Jiu-Jitsu State titles in weight class and gold in open weight division
  • Tamara Garces – Gold at NSW Jiu-Jitsu NSW State Titles
  • Samantha Garces – Gold at NSW Jiu-Jitsu State Titles
  • Igor Almeida – bronze at UAEJF grand slam event in Tokyo
  • Igor Almeida – Gold at Australian National Pro Jiu-Jitsu Competition
  • Simon Chandra – Double silver at Australian National Pro Jiu-Jitsu Competition
  • Kim Cogley – Bronze at Australian National Pro Jiu-Jitsu Competition
  • Aaliyah Boland – Won her league tag grand final, got player of the match, and won group 6 player of the year
  • Trist Ball, Emmanuel Kandidakis, and Cameron Heard – runners up in under 16s combined C’town and Canterbury rugby league comp
  • Jet Boland – runner up in group 6 16As rugby league competition
  • Aaron Keppie, Luke Keppie, Bail McNiece – group 6 representative teams
  • Christian Urso – made debut for Canterbury Bulldogs Jersey Flegg and played in semi-finals
  • Marcus Moore – won under 20s comp with Asquith Magpies
  • Cameron Lawrence, Jay Kirk, Ryan Evans – won group 6 under 18s competition with the Camden Rams. Jay scored hat trick of tries, Cam scored a double and got man of the match
  • Luke Cowley – Top point scorer in group 6 under 18s competition. Grand final runners up.
  • Luke Keppie – Western Suburbs Magpies Harold Matthews Squad
  • Cameron Lawrence, Jay Kirk, Jet Boland, Jude Gomez, Luke Cowley, Riley Williams, Ryan Evans, Tobin Eade, Trist Ball – Western Suburbs Magpies S.G Ball Squad
  • Aailyah Boland – Best and Fairest for Camden Rams
  • Jet Boland – James Tedesco Rising Talent Award for Camden Rams
  • Tamara Garces – Double Gold at IBJJF Pan Pacific Jiu-Jitsu Championship
  • Samantha Garces – Gold at IBJJF Pan Pacific Jiu-Jitsu Championship
  • Simon Chandra – Gold in open weight and bronze in weight class at IBJJF Pan Pacific Jiu-Jitsu Championship
  • Igor Almeida – got his black belt from Professor Bruno Alves
  • Darcy Eade – Wests Tigers Junior League Player of the Year
  • Tamara Garces – got her brown belt from professor Bruno Alves