Saturday, 30 March 2019

If You Want to Be the Rock, Then Get to Work

If You Want to Be the Rock, Then Get to Work

You will hear people say "well, if you are the rock and getting paid 20 million dollars a movie it is pretty easy to train 3 times a day and be jacked but if you are a regular guy working a 9-5 job then you may only be able to train once a day if you are lucky."

I 100% agree with this statement. But it depends on your goal. If you are happy going to your day job and training to stay healthy then do a workout once every second day is probably enough. If on the other hand you want to be a world champion, play in the top league of your given sport, or be an actor making millions per movie, then you better get to work.

The Rock didn't wake up one day making 20 million a movie. He made a decision many years ago to be the best he could be and worked his arse off to get there. So yes, you may have a 9-5 that you are working but if you want to be successful you will have to get up earlier then everyone else and get to work. When you have a break for lunch at your day job you may fit something in, and when you get home you are back at it again. You can't do the bare minimum and say well when I am successful then I will do the work. It doesn't work like that. 

Basically you have two options. Option 1 is do whatever it is you want to achieve around your day job and use your day job to finance that goal or option 2, you quit your day job and solely focus on your desired goal. I think the best bet for most of us is option 1. You try and find a job with hours that suit your needs and pays enough to live off, it doesn't have to be the highest paying job in the world and it can't take up all of your time. It is purely to support yourself whilst you get after your main goal.

Option 2, you are all in. I love this but don't think it is realistic for most people. You can definitely make it work but you have to eat somehow so you will more than likely need family or friends to help you out. I find a lot of losers who sponge off people think they are taking this option but in reality they are sitting around using their loved ones and lying to themselves about how hard they are working, often pissing and moaning that they are getting nowhere and that the world is against them. 

Either way, if you are content with your life and the way it is, the above statement is true. You probably can't look like or be as successful as The Rock working a 9-5 and training every couple of days. But if you are striving to be the best in the world at something DO THE WORK. You can't sit around and dream it to happen. 

Tuesday, 19 March 2019

Roger Cancer Free

This is the other side of THP that you don’t get to see. Everyday people improving their lives day by day. For the last 5 years Roger has been consistently training with us 2 days per week. Roger is one of our most unique clients that could very easily stop training and no one would argue with him. He contracted tuberculosis when he was young and as a result one of his legs is substantially shorter than the other making it difficult to walk with frequent pain episode. He was diagnosed with cancer and underwent an aggressive form of treatment that resulted in near complete blindness in both eyes. He also suffered a major heart attack 6 years ago. On Tuesday he received the all clear from his Oncologist as is OFFICIALLY CANCER FREE!! Congratulations Roger!! hashtagthp hashtagteamthp hashtagtotalhealthperformance hashtagtraining hashtagtotalhealthperformancecentre hashtagExercisephysiology hashtagcancer hashtaghealth hashtagexercise

Saturday, 16 March 2019

Don't Be A Fan

Don't be fan.

When I say this I don't mean not to follow a team and support them or anything like that. I am talking about if you are a staff member or player.

If you are a coach of a lower grade side and an NRL player comes down to play or train in your team or if your side plays oppose against the NRL team for example, you can't be a fan. You have a job to do and you have to be professional about it. There is nothing more embarrassing than the coach giggling like a little school girl at a Justin Bieber concert because he just got to talk to someone he likes to watch play footy. It will earn you zero respect from the players and you will never be able to coach them. You will just be another back slapper telling them everything they are doing is great.

It is ok to be excited. But you have to do your job.

Same goes if you are a player. For some young bloke who gets to go into an NRL squad early in their career they could be playing with some of the boys they grew up watching on T.V as a kid, thinking they were superman. It is surreal but the ones who are successful get over this the quickest and start to learn that they are just human like everyone else. They put it in perspective and then do the work to try and earn their respect through hard work and putting into practice what the senior guys are teaching them. These guys are still highly respectful of the senior players, I am not saying that they are on the same level, far from it. What I am saying is you can't sit around daydreaming at your idol thinking if you should ask for an autograph or not.

I say this because there is also the other problem where the young bloke struts in thinking he has done something and shows no respect to the senior players who have earned the right to be where they are. These ones are the ones causing the trouble in our game. They are arrogant and try and get respect in the wrong areas. Through talking shit and bluffing, partying like peanuts, and never living up to their full potential.

This goes for all staff.

In my field strength coaches kill me that put up a photo on social media the first time an athlete with half a profile comes to the gym they work at. It is the quickest way to never see them again in my opinion. Show some class and keep it to yourself. These blokes are coming to do some work and improve themselves, they may not want anyone else to know what they are doing so keep it private.
I have a few people who come and see me at times but I don't tell anyone and I keep it just between us. I don't even tell my other clients. They get a private session in the gym with me and they know that will be it.

So basically you can be happy and excited where you are but put it in perspective.

Wednesday, 6 March 2019

Darcy First Ever Bench with Bar

Darcy bench pressing with the bar for the first time. 25kg for reps, 13 years old. Pretty good technique considering its her first ever session with the bar. Shows that all the general preparation she has done has been working really well. You don't have to rush into doing the big lifts, you can take your time working on your weaknesses and then when you do go to the bigger lifts you will still have appreciable strength gains.

Tuesday, 5 March 2019

Bench Press Post Pec Surgery

Bench Press Post Pec Surgery

Andrew Thornton benching 72.5 kg for 6 reps.

Good effort after having torn his pec last year, getting surgery, and being told not to lift again.
It is a good example that with proper programming and executing lifts better you can come back and not only match, but surpass where you were before injury.
We have progressed to this point by working on improving his technique and by strengthening supporting structures.
This has taken about 12 weeks but we have only been using the bar for the previous 4 weeks. With more improvement in technique he will be in an even better position and lifting more weight safely.
This isn't something I learnt from a textbook, it comes from experience. I have torn a pec out of the insertion and two off the ribs. So I had to learn the hard way how to rehab myself. It is good to be able to help people prevent tearing a pec or in this case showing them how to get back to performing well in a much shorter time frame, more safely, and not wasting their time with a lot of bullshit.