Thursday, 30 March 2017



March 30, 2017

I know it doesn’t sound like a bad thing but just stick with me here…

So you’ve gone gluten free, you’re paleo, you have completely eliminated dairy and all other forms of processed foods. You’re all good then, right? Not necessarily.

You can’t eat ‘paleo’ or ‘clean’ chocolate cake everyday, you wouldn’t eat regular chocolate cake, so what’s the difference? Sure the ingredients are better, but the affect they have on blood sugar levels is way too similar.

All over social media I've been seeing these posts and pictures about healthy smoothies, cakes, slices, breads, etc. They all have a pretty good looking list of ingredeints, but all together there’s a problem.
Look at a chocolate milkshake for example, you have your regular one such as Oak with the artificial sweeteners, dairy, colors and preservatives, and then you have your homemade ‘clean’ version with dates, honey, cacao, oats, bananas, etc.
Both look different from an ingredient perspective, but if you break it down you’re still consuming way too much sugar, the carbohydrate content is through the roof and your blood sugar spikes ridiculously high.

If I had to have one then of course I’d choose the homemade version, but it would definitely not be an everyday thing.

The same rules apply for ‘health’ foods – just because it’s organic or all natural or sugar free doesn’t mean it’s healthy.
Soy is supposedly a health food with all of these benefits, but did you know that your hairy arms and irregular periods are caused by eating and drinking soy products?

When it comes to weight loss and health, just keep it as simple as you can. Good quality sources of protein and fats topped with plenty or green leafy veggies and a touch of your ‘clean’ treats.


Wednesday, 29 March 2017

THP Development Update

THP Development Update

We are just finishing up another cycle and have had some more good results. The above video is of Bryce Shaw deadlifting 140kg for 5 reps from a small podium. All boys increased strength throughout this phase of training which is very pleasing as they have either started playing competition games for their rugby league season or have been finishing up with trial games.

These increases in strength are coming from improved technique and exercise selection focusing on weak points of each of the boys lifts. We aren't maxing out chasing numbers, just consistently trying to improve technique. Below is the progress seen in the deadlift in 4 weeks of training:

Athlete Name         Lift        Weight/Reps Previous Cycle       Weight/Reps Current Cycle
Bryce Shaw          Deadlift                 135 kg x 3                                    140 kg x 5 *on podium
Marcus Moore      Deadlift                 120 kg x 3                                   125 kg x 5 *on podium
Ben Quinlan         Deadlift                 130 kg x 3                                    130 kg x 5 *on podium
The strength gained in the gym is carrying over to the playing field which is the whole point of training for an athlete, to get better at your chosen sport.

Hard work is the only way to progress and the boys are in early of a morning getting it done. We just have to stay focused and continue to work on perfecting technique and correcting weaknesses.