Tuesday, 4 May 2021

Sample Training Program: General Physical Preparation (GPP)

 Ever wanted to know what a training program from THP looks like?

Now is your chance to get an inside look at how we program for optimal performance.

Click the exercise name for a full description of how to perform the movement.

Day 1 Week 1:

A1. DB Split Squat Front Foot Elevated 3x10-12

A2. Unilateral Lying Leg Curl Toes In/Plantarflexed 3x10-12

B1. DB Step Up Mid Shin Height 3x10-12

B2. 45 Degree Back Extension Hands Behind Head 3x10-12

C1. Poliquin Step Up 3x12-15

C2. Standing Calf Raises BB On Back 3x15-20


· Use a 10-15cm plate to elevate the front foot for split squats.

· If you don’t have access to a lying leg curl, use a seated or standing leg curl.

· Use a 20cm plate to elevate the heel and 5cm to elevate the toe for Poliquin step-ups.

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